ICCUS Conference

 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
 Feb 25, 2020

The International CCS Knowledge Centre will be attending the iCCUS conference in Saudi Arabia that brings together world energy leaders, including ministers, senior executives from major energy and industry players, policy makers, financiers, and renowned scientists, to discuss the role of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) in enablign a Circular Carbon Economy.

CCUS is an essential technology for achieving ambitious climate goals, through deep CO2 emission reduction in power, industry, heat and transport, while enabling a net-zero emissions world through technologies such as direct air capture. Opportunities remain for imporving performance, creating new CCUS business models, and discovering scalable uses of CO2 that contribute to realizing the vision of a circular carbon economy as the most effective way for adddressing dual climate and energy challenges.

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