Past Events

2018 IEAGHG International CCS Summer School

 Trondheim, Norway
 Jun 25, 2018


The International CCS Knowledge Centre was proud to present at the 2018 IEAGHG International CCS Summer School, hosted by the Norwegian CCS Research Centre in Trondheim, Norway the week of June 25th 2018.


The IEAGHG’s Summer Schools are the only CCS education program to have a truly international focus. With the location moving around the world, the program has now taken place in over 7 countries covering Europe, Australia, Asia and North America. With experts attending from all over the world the Summer School includes a diverse range of students from a variety of technical backgrounds. The IEAGHG’s summer school now has over 550 alumni representing over 50 countries with many moving on to successful careers within CCS industry and academia.


The target group for the Summer School is young scientists and researchers, e.g. PhD students with a background in engineering, geo-technologies, socio-economics. This can also include those in the early stages of their career within 5 years of graduation currently seeking a greater understanding of CCS.


The Summer School programme covers every aspect of CCS and aims to present the most recent information available in each field. The topics covered include:

  • All aspects of capture, transportation and storage of CO2
  • Industrial uses of CO2
  • Costs and economic potential of CCS
  • Regulations, policy and GHG accounting
  • Public communication
  • Health and safety

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