• An Essential Tool

    CCS is a valuable tool in the toolbox – alongside solutions like renewable and energy efficiency.

    How the International CCS Knowledge Centre Can Help
  • Co-Exist

    CCUS allows for a diverse & reliable energy portfolio: Renewables and CCUS are complimentary and can co-exist.

  • CCS Takes Biggest Bite of CO2

    Small scale is not enough; we need large commercial demonstration now!

    Advancing CCS on a Global Scale

    At the International CCS Knowledge Centre, our passion is to accelerate the global deployment of carbon capture and storage through the advancement of the understanding and the use of CCS as a means for countries and their citizens to manage current and future GHG emissions. 

    We do this by broadly sharing the learnings acquired at SaskPower's commercial scale operating Boundary Dam 3 Carbon Capture Facility Power Plant.

    Fully Supported Know-How

    We are facilitators who operate to ensure that there is support and momentum within these three fundamental drivers for success: policy and economics, capacity, and financing. At the International CCS Knowledge Centre, organizations such as: power producers, industrial emitters, research bodies and others, can access the know-how that you need to advance your own CCS projects.

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    CCS By The Numbers

    CCS is vital in order for the world to meet it's 2 degree commitment set by the United Nations.

    37 million tons of greenhouse gases mitigated by CCS


    million tons of greenhouse gases mitigated by CCS

    5.4 million homes' electricity use for one year


    million homes' electricity use for one year

    958 million tree seedlings grown for 10 years


    million tree seedlings grown for 10 years

    Equivalency data is from the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, established by the USA Environment and Protection Agency.

    Linking, Sharing, Collaborating

    We bring together countries with significant CCS experience with those in the early stages of their learning curve. The intent is global impact. Solutions to effective and accelerated CCS development does not reside with one organization, province, or country; it requires concerted collaboration by all.

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    Fully Integrated Learning

    Gain knowledge, access data, learn best practices from all five areas of SaskPower’s Boundary Dam 3’s fully-integrated commercial scale CCS coal fired powered plant. 

    We believe that by openly sharing lessons learned in planning, construction and operations, it not only reduces risk and costs for future projects, but provides forums for continued development leading to sound regulatory frameworks, as well as advancements and innovation world-wide.

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