Past Events

Developing a National CCS Program in Trinidad and Tobago

 UTT Energy Campus, Trinidad and Tobago
 Oct 29, 2019

Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) has the potential to develop CCS as a part of their national carbon emission reduction and climate change mitigation strategy. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate the feasibility of CCS as an emissions mitigation technology in Trinidad and Tobago.

This workshop will outline the foundation that is already in place for CCS in T&T and the potential for further development and technical support from international partners. It will also explore UNFCCC funding sources for national program development. 

International CCS Knowledge Centre CEO, Mike Monea, will be in T&T making the following two presentations at this event:

  • Integration of the whole CCS chain- Source sink infrastructure
  • Decarbonizing industrial sources of CO2