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Q&A Webcast: First to Second Generation CCS

 Oct 22, 2019 - 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join this webcast hosted by the American Coal Council. Corwyn Bruce, Vice President of Technical Services International CCS Knowledge Centre (Knowledge Centre), will provide an overview of lessons learned from the pioneering carbon capture and storage (CCS) project and discusses the work to further global CCS utilization and the promising prospects of second generation CCS.

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Operating since 2014, SaskPower’s Boundary Dam 3 CCS Facility (BD3) in Saskatchewan, Canada, was the world’s first utility-scale carbon capture facility on a coal-fired power plant. This facility has been instrumental in proving the technology and advancing CCS operations experience. Leveraging BD3 lessons and expertise and sharing that knowledge is key to the objectives of the Knowledge Centre.

Optimization of CCS technology and overcoming key barriers to achieve lower capital and operating costs is necessary for broader CCS development and deployment. Spearheaded by Corwyn Bruce, the Knowledge Centre’s team released a feasibility study for retrofitting SaskPower’s Shand Power Station, a 300 MW, single unit coal power plant that would have double the capacity of Boundary Dam 3's power plant for large-scale CCS.

The lessons of BD3 have informed the findings of this second-generation study for CCS:

  • Prospects for significant capital and operating cost reductions
  • Opportunities to capture more emissions at lower loads 
  • Integrating with renewables
  • Minimizing water use
  • Using fly ash by-product to offset emissions in concrete production


In the spirit of access to information, the Knowledge Centre is providing this presentation and Q&A to the American Coal Council without a service fee.  

The American Coal Council’s Coal Q&A Program provides a forum to address critical issues affecting the U.S. coal industry ~ including coal producers, consumers and transporters.  Each program begins with a topic briefing by a leading industry analyst or representative, followed by a Q&A session.