Tackling CO2 Emissions Goals with Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage

 Nov 4, 2021 - 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Join this great webinar for Industry Leaders, titled “Tackling CO2 Emissions Goals with large-scale carbon capture & storage”. This webinar is presented by the International CCS Knowledge Centre and MLT Aikins LLP, we will share reliable information on - overview of the CCS landscape and the technical requirements and legal risks involved in carbon capture and storage projects.
Speakers are:

  • Conway Nelson Vice-President, Project Development and Advisory Services, International CCS Knowledge Centre
  • Stacey Rennebohm, MBA Rennebohm, MBA Outreach & Partnership Relations, International CCS Knowledge Centre
  • Erik Nickel, Director of Operations, Petroleum Technology Research Centre
  • Jodi Wildeman, Partner, MLT Aikins
  • Randy Brunet, Partner, MLT Aikins

The Changing CCS Landscape

  • An overview of the importance and applicability of emission reduction targets, the Canadian government’s renewed interest in CCS and the role of incentives, and the role HUBs/clusters play in maximizing infrastructure to ensure global emission reductions

What You Need to Know About Storage

  • A summary of the Petroleum Technology Research Centre’s Aquistore project, focusing on the technical requirements for storing CO2 safely

Understanding the Regulatory Landscape

  • An overview of Saskatchewan’s regulations governing CCS and carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) projects

Timelines and Processes for Successful Deployment

  • A summary of the technical requirements for the steps and stage gates of a CCS project, and a look at the importance of feasibility and front-end engineering design studies and how they support final investment decisions

Getting from the Discussion to the Deal

  • An overview of the techniques for moving your CCS/CCUS project forward, including how to use NDAs, MOUs, Collaboration Agreements and Definitive Agreements

Q&A Session
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