The Energy Roundtable

 Calgary, Alberta
 May 16, 2024


With less than 30 years left to meet net-zero targets, the impetus is greater than ever for Canada to tackle the energy trilemma of reliability, affordability and continue as a leader in sustainability. There are tremendous opportunities for Canadian businesses prepared for the disruption that energy transition is expected to bring.

And there are challenges. The transition will last for decades and consensus on what Canada’s energy future should look like has proven elusive. Adding to the complexity, there are many competing technologies in the race to net zero and the mix of energy types that will get us there, while becoming clearer, remains unsettled.

Canada is uniquely positioned to be a global leader in transforming energy systems and potentially, as a global supplier of choice for energy security. However, overhauling the country’s energy infrastructure represents an unprecedented technical challenge that will cost trillions of dollars and take years to complete.

At the 19th annual Calgary Energy Roundtable on Thursday, May 16th, a high-powered line-up of speakers will share their insights on these topics, including how they are affecting the competitiveness of the Canadian energy sector at home, and abroad. Topics will include:

  • The energy outlook
  • Investor perspectives on Canadian energy
  • Innovative energy infrastructure solutions
  • Energy system sustainability
  • The politics of energy
  • Navigating the evolving energy landscape and workforce needs
  • Energy and industrial competitiveness
  • First Nations ownership of resource projects

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