Greetings – welcome to my first ever blog. I’m delighted to provide another way to share updates – for at the International CCS Knowledge Centre, we’re all about open sharing of information to see the rapid and effective deployment of CCUS technology on large emitting sources around the globe.

We recognize the challenge and urgency of climate change. While we support innovation in renewable energy, we also know that CCS is an existing and ready to deploy technology that will make significant impacts in reducing emissions. Capturing CO2 before it’s released is the fastest and most significant way to do this.

Last month, we hosted 150 folks from 16 countries at our CCS Symposium, in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada to discuss advancing CCUS to mitigate climate change on a global scale and how to do it now. 

Innovation on CO2 capture has been accelerating and the cost is coming down significantly therefore rapidly making CCUS both an essential and accessible part of climate change mitigation solutions.

Along with members of my team, we commit to providing regular updates on our projects and initiatives. Thanks for tuning in and reading. I as well as others at the International CCS Knowledge Centre can be easily reached through our contact information

All the best,