On Monday December 4, 2017, I had the opportunity to present at the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) in Abu Dhabi to provide an overview of the accomplishmInternational CCS Knowledge Centre CEO, Mike Monea presents to the CSLF ministerial meeting, Dec. 2017.ents at the International CCS Knowledge Centre's Global CCS Symposium, held earlier in the fall in Regina, Saskatchewan. The group was impressed with the positive advancements in bringing together countries and organzations that have significant experience in operating large scale CCUS projects, such as BD3, Aquistore, Quest, Petro-Nova, amoung others with countries early in their learning curve. The CSLF is encouraged by the inclusiveness of the Knowledge Centre on perspectives of key developing countries as well as progress with developments in China.

  • What is the CSLF?

    • The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) is a Ministerial-level international climate change initiative that is focused on the development of improved cost-effective technologies for CCS. It also promotes awareness and champions legal, regulatory, financial, and institutional environments conducive to such technologies. More info about the CSLF.

CCUS Developments in China

I am now in Bejing, China - where we will be furthering our relationship and commitment to support China to optimize CCUS to meet Paris Targets. Our work in China has been active - earlier in the 2017, we signed two MOUs (click here for details). I have had the honour to host Mr. Sun, the Deputy Director General from the National Development and Reform Commission for Climate Change at our Symposium in October.

While I was at the COP23, in Bonn Germany last month, I had the distinct opportunity to participate on a panel in the China pavilion. As a very large emitter, China is at a turning point to deal with some of the climate issues that they are seeing and experiencing. We, at the International CCS Knowledge Centre can help them derisk and reduce cost with lessons learned in commercial CCUS - thereby reducing greenhouse gases emission while ensuring reliable energy for their country.  More to come later on in the week.