CCUS – A Feature @ GLOBE Forum

 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
 Mar 14, 2018 – Mar 16, 2018

The GLOBE Forum is North America’s largest and longest-running Leadership Summit for Sustainable Business – with the last forum attracting over 10,000 participants from 50 countries - a unique combination of policymakers, investors, CEOs, and civil society leaders, along with 300 members of the media.

                                              CCUS DAY: March 15, 2018 - DETAILS          CCUS CLUSTER: Mar.13-16, 2018 - DETAILS                          

At the International CCS Knowledge Centre, we believe that environment and economy go together – and CCUS offers a ready-to-go clean technology that ensures economic and energy security while the world transitions to renewables. We also recognize the urgency and collective responsibility to act now to mitigate climate change – which is why we, along with CCUS experts, researchers, and advocates across the CCUS eco-system, for the first time, will be on mass at the GLOBE Forum.

The International CCS Knowledge Centre is hosting two aspects of the Globe Forum.

CCUS Cluster: The first is a CCUS Cluster with over 20 exhibitors at the Innovation Expo – held over three days, March 14-16, 2018. The CCUS Cluster has its own theatre (seats up to 30) with scheduled events throughout each of the days, including presentations from exhibitors, media announcements, Dragon's Den style presentations. 

CCUS Day: The second aspect is a full-day side-event (in the conference area) dedicated to CCUS - on Thursday March 15th. This CCUS Day will have four panel discussions, namely: ‘CCUS Supporting the Energy Transition for Coal and Other Industries”, “The Beautiful Minds of CCUS – Getting to the 2 Degrees Target”, “Financing Cleantech and the Role of Carbon Pricing” and, “CCUS Acceptance and Access”.  Click here for Detailed Agenda. 

As far as conferences go, it may be interesting to note that that this is the first time that CCUS has been included as part of the Globe Forum series. It is our hope that this profile helps push the tipping point of global understanding of CCUS and its necessity in the two-degree conversation.


  • All of the International CCS Knowledge Centre CCUS activities at the GLOBE Forum are free to attend!  In order to access the activities without having to purchase a Full Delegate pass, register using this  code: CCUSDAY.  To begin your registration click here - select from the attendee role ‘Innovation Expo Visitor’, after filling in all the required attendee details you will see a registration code box at the top of the registration payment page (enter CCUSDAY in the box).  NOTE: This CCUS Day pass will also grant you entry into the Innovation Expo for all three days.
  • The CCUS Day on March 15th is a side event (not part of the regular conference program), yet as it will be co-located with the other conference offerings, attendees be provided a ticket for our side event when they pick-up their badge on site.
  • If you would like a Full Delegate Pass to attend the entire GLOBE Forum use the code: CCS15  when registering to receive 20% off the delegate pass. In choosing this option it includes the CCUS Day and Expo Pass.
  • Once on-site, you can pick up your badge in the lobby of the Vancouver Convention Centre (East building – note the mountains are North for directional purposes) from 12:00pm-8pm Tuesday March 13th or any time after 7:30am on the 14th and 15th.