We Understand Fundamental Drivers Are at Play

At the International CCS Knowledge Centre, we understand that there are fundamental drivers that enable carbon capture & storage (CCS) projects beyond those associated with engineering processes. 

Often the overarching considerations enabling a project are related to certain economic realities, energy mixes, proximity to storage or EOR sites, and policy incentive or regulation governance. With these considerations in mind, we work with decision makers to advise on the viability of a contemplated CCS project.


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There are funding institutions interested in financing CCS especially in developing countries. Ex:

  • Green Climate Fund
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Mission Innovation

CCS Projects

Commercial experience in:

  • Carbon Capture – Boundary Dam Unit 3
  • Storage Site – Aquistore
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) – Weyburn Oil Field
  • State of the Art Test Facility - CCTF

The Knowledge Centre will advance flue gas analysis, waste water management, construction optimization, absorption methods, and other technical areas related to CCS.

As project advisor, the Knowledge Centre has the capacity to work for any new global CCS project. Including:

  • Business Case
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Operations
  • Lessons Learned

Policy & Economics

Statutory considerations, international commitments, and social costs are overarching considerations for CCS deployment.

The Knowledge Centre will engage stakeholders to disseminate knowledge on the value of CCS as a policy tool for GHG abatement.

The cost of not implementing CCS is as important as the cost of CCS technology. The Knowledge Centre will apply its experience to reduce the costs of CCS, and also facilitate a regional integrated resource planning.

Capacity Building

In order to implement CCS, a location must have the capacity. The Knowledge Centre offers:

  • personnel training at its cluster facilities
  • testing and training at CCTF