The official e-newsletter of the International CCS Knowledge Centre (Knowledge Centre) is produced quarterly. Below you will find links to each of the articles featured in the May 2023 CCS Knowledge Newsletter.

Canadian CCS Policy Update

The Knowledge Centre was active leading up to and following the release of the Government of Canada’s 2023 budget this spring, which included several important measures to support the development of large-scale CCS/CCUS projects. Prior to the budget’s release on March 28, a column by CEO James Millar ran in the Financial Post outlining the importance of CCS to the country’s economic and environmental sustainability.

On budget day, the Knowledge Centre issued a statement in support of the government’s work to implement the investment tax credit for CCUS (CCUS-ITC) and commitment to providing greater certainty on carbon pricing for project developers, but also expressed concern about the gaps that put Canadian firms at a disadvantage relative to peers in other countries.

This was followed on April 18 with the release of a comprehensive ‘primer’ on the budget that includes a detailed break-down of the proposed CCUS-ITC that is expected to be in place by October, following further public consultation.

Following the budget release, the federal government began seeking feedback on its proposed requirements for public knowledge sharing under the CCUS-ITC. The assist organizations in providing input to Natural Resources Canada by May 31, the Knowledge Centre produced a consultation document that contains key messages and background information about the draft requirements

Carbon Capture on BD3 - Successful by Design

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Canada Poised to Lead Next Wave of Carbon Capture and Storage

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Improving the Business Case for CCS on Cement Through Combined Heat and Power

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May 27, 2023 Media Release

  • Government of Alberta Invests in CCS Knowledge Sharing Hub to Advance Carbon Capture and Storage Projects Across Canada and Around the World