The official e-newsletter of the International CCS Knowledge Centre (Knowledge Centre) is produced quarterly. Below you will find links to each of the articles featured in the Sept 2023 CCS Knowledge Newsletter.

Knowledge Centre Webinar: Bringing CCS Projects to Life in the Power Generation Sector
Date: Wednesday, September 27
Time: 9:00am-10:00am MST

Canadian CCS Policy Update

Important developments took place in Canadian CCS policy over the summer, and the Knowledge Centre has been front-and-centre in analyzing and sharing information about the Government of Canada’s proposed CCUS investment tax credit. Read our detailed review of the draft legislation for the CCUS-ITC that was released Aug. 4, as well as our formal input that was submitted during the public comment period that ended Sept. 8.

Our review found that the CCUS-ITC includes strong provisions to support jobs for skilled tradespeople, apprentices and construction workers through the development of large-scale CCS infrastructure. We are pleased to see this support for fair labour practices and employment opportunities, but it must be accompanied by an effort to ensure adequate qualified workers are available given the short timeframe of eligibility for the full CCUS-ITC prior to 2030. Read more in a column by our CEO James Millar that was published on Sept. 13.

Our policy team also co-authored an Intelligence Memo with the C.D. Howe Institute outlining how Ontario needs to 'play catch-up' on CCS policy, and can do so by looking to the examples and lessons provided by Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Read the full memo here.

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