“Our focus is on sharing knowledge globally to build a greener future and that’s our purpose. But our mission is to ensure that there’s the right environment — primarily a business environment — in the construct of policy to get these projects done.”

Thanks to Daily Oil Bulletin reporter Josh Skapin for this feature interview with our CEO James Millar, where he discusses the strong support for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects in the United States, and the need for greater policy certainty to maintain Canadian leadership in the next generation of large-scale CCS. James also highlights the Knowledge Centre's plans for growth, as our expertise helping clients across heavy industries develop their decarbonization plans continues to be in high demand.

“We seem to talk a lot, but we need to get something done. The best way to do that is through carbon capture and storage," James added. “On a large-scale level, if you are talking a million tonnes and you can get up to 94, 96 per cent capture of that flue gas, then you have to do it at scale,” added Millar. “If we don’t do it at scale, we are not going to tackle the problem.”

Read the full interview that was published on Nov. 21, 2022 here.