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Regina, CANADA – While summer vacation for most may be reserved for leisure, this is not the case for over 40 Ph.D, post doctorate, engineering and policy students who competed to attend the acclaimed annual IEAGHG CCS Summer School – taking place July 7-13 in Regina, Saskatchewan. 
Hailing from 20 countries, students are selected on merit, recommendations and a desire to learn how to impactfully reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) through the deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. The IEAGHG International CCS Summer School which travels annually around the globe to differing host countries, has returned to Regina (the only repeat city) for the third time. The draw to this location is because this year’s summer school host, the International CCS Knowledge Centre, is based in the Saskatchewan capital. However, International CCS Knowledge Centre is internationally mandated to support climate change goals through the global acceleration of CCS technology by sharing of lessons learned from the operation of the world-renowned SaskPower’s Boundary Dam CCS facility (BD3).
The IEAGHG, as the proprietor of the CCS summer school - now in its 13th year - aims to broaden the knowledge base around CCS in industrialized and developing countries, particularly at an academic level. Throughout an intensive week of learning, the CCS summer school programme covers every aspect of CCS, from technical, such as: capture, transport, storage, and industrial uses, through regulation, policy, financing and communication. Along with international students, the summer school attracts global experts with the most recent information available in each field. 
With 600 alumni representing over 50 countries, the summer school has played a key role in many moving on to successful careers within CCS industry and academia. This year’s event will take place at the University of Regina, highlighted with a field trip to BD3 and the Aquistore CCS storage site. For more information about this year’s summer school: 13th Annual IEAGHG CCS Summer School
"We are very excited to be bringing the International CCS Summer School and these bright and motivated international students to Saskatchewan and the International CCS Knowledge Centre for the third time. Saskatchewan is recognized globally as a centre of excellence on CCUS, with the International CCS Knowledge Centre and Saskpower’s Boundary Dam project. It is the best location in the world to learn about CCUS”.  
- Tim Dixon, General Manager, IEAGHG
“We are excited to once again host the IEAGHG International CCS Summer School. It takes multiple levels of effort to actively mitigate climate change – by working with young brilliant minds that share global sustainability as a goal, the CCS summer school plays an integral role in positioning them to make a notable impact.”
- Mike Monea, President & CEO, International CCS Knowledge Centre

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Climate Change
At no point in history were levels of CO2 concentrations as high or increasing as fast as it is now in modern day - Keeling Curve: A Daily Record of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego)
CCS is considered essential in three of the four pathways to keep global warming within 1.5oC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Global Warming of 1.5 Degrees Celsius
CCS Links 
IEAGHG: What is CCS?  
International CCS Knowledge Centre: Lessons for the World
Global CCS Institute: CCS Readiness Index
About the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG):  Established in 1991 under the auspices of the International Energy Agency as a technology collaboration program, IEAGHG is a not-for-profit international collaborative venture that studies and evaluates technologies that can reduce GHGs derived from the use of fossil fuels. The main technology of focus is CCS. As a member-based organization, IEAGHG’s work is subject to peer review ensuring impartiality and that they remain an unbiased source which provides definitive information on the role that technology can make in reducing GHGs. IEAGHG is the lead organizer of the GHGT series of conferences, which are the main international conferences on CCS. GHGT-15 is being held in Abu Dhabi, 5th-8th October 2020. For more info:  
About the International CCS Knowledge Centre (Knowledge Centre): Operating since 2016 under the direction of an independent board, Knowledge Centre was established by BHP and SaskPower with a mandate to advance the global understanding and deployment of large-scale CCS to reduce global GHG emissions. The Knowledge Centre provides the know-how to implement large-scale CCS projects as well as CCS optimization through the base learnings from both the fully-integrated Boundary Dam 3 CCS Facility and the comprehensive second-generation CCS study, known as the Shand Study.  For more info:

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