Take 10 [a video series]

The International CCS Knowledge Centre has launched a video series called, 'Lead. Care. Adapt.'  This platform of 10-minute virtual discussion segments connects viewers with sustainability experts explaining how they are choosing to lead, care and adapt their organizations and projects through COVID-19 and beyond. Valuable insights into caring for people, our work and our planet, while tackling the tough questions around what’s needed now, more than ever, to advance all aspects of climate action including the role of carbon capture and storage around the world.

The International CCS Knowledge Centre is proud to collaborate with these world leading organizations on initiatives such as this one: Lead. Care. Adapt. Take 10 video series, among others, with a common interest and our shared intent for global and climate sustainability.

Lead. Care. Adapt.  Take 10 —  
Beth Hardy with Mike Gerbis & Rich Powell

In the first video of the series, Beth Hardy, International CCS Knowledge Centre VP of Strategy & Stakeholder Relations is joined by Rich Powell, Executive Director of ClearPath, and Mike Gerbis, CEO of GLOBE Series; The Delphi Group to discuss how clean energy projects fit well into economic stimulus packages and projects post COVID-19.  

They examine what will be needed to re-kick-start clean tech companies and start-ups, and share what their organizations are doing to lead, care and adapt today for a better tomorrow.


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  • ClearPath’s mission is to develop and advance conservative policies that accelerate clean energy innovation. To advance that mission, we develop cutting-edge policy and collaborate with academics and industry. An entrepreneurial, young, strategic nonprofit, ClearPath (501(c)(3)) partners with in-house and external experts on nuclear, carbon capture, hydropower, natural gas, geothermal, energy storage and energy innovation to advance our mission. Learn more about ClearPath
  • Delphi is part of a constellation of organizations that includes GLOBE Series, the EXCEL Partnership and Leading Change. The constellation shares the same vision: to achieve a sustainable, prosperous and socially just future in a generation. Delphi’s mission is to transform the way leading organizations generate value to make our world better. Dephi believes passionately that businesses can be profitable while having a positive long-term impact on the environment and society. Learn more about DelphiGroup


Lead. Care. Adapt.  Take 10 —  
Beth Hardy with Dr.Katherine Romanak & Michael Ryan 

In our second video of the series , Beth Hardy, International CCS Knowledge Centre VP of Strategy & Stakeholder Relations is joined by Dr. Katherine Romanak, a Ph.D. Research Scientist at the Gulf Coast Carbon Center, Bureau of Economic Geology, at The University of Texas at Austin; and Michael Ryan, Vice President, CCUS  OGCI-Climate Investments.  

Together they discuss how 45Q has positively impacted the work of OGCI-CI and how the policy has the phones ringing off the hook at the Geological Centre.  Dr. Romanak talks about the opportunities for CCS in developing countries and explains the support available to these regions to help move projects forward. Finally, Mike Ryan explains how the three investments made by OGCI-CI this past year has resulted in 9 billion tonnes of CO2 captured, and he hints at a fourth major project on the horizon. 

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  • The Gulf Coast Carbon Center (GCCC) has been a leader in research that facilitates a proactive response by energy-related businesses to reduce atmospheric release of CO2 and has led/ is in the process of conducting seven major field research projects to develop effective technologies to monitor retention of CO2 in the subsurface. In addition, GCCC has led a number of diverse projects including estimation of storage capacity, EOR screening and economic assessments, risk of leakage to water resources, assessment of pressure, and whole system integration. Learn more about the Golf Coast Carbon Center


  • OGCI-CI aims to take a lead in facilitating this transition in the energy industry and along its value chains. They are working to increase the speed, scale and impact of our actions as the world aims for net zero emissions as early as possible. Learn more about OGCI-CI 

Lead. Care. Adapt.    |    Take 10 —   
Beth Hardy with David Byers & Dr. Julio Friedmann 

In our third video of the series, Beth Hardy, International CCS Knowledge Centre VP of Strategy & Stakeholder Relations is joined by David Byers, the CEO of CO2CRC, Australia's leading carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology research organisation; and Dr. Julio Friedmann, whom is known as the Carbon Wrangler and is a Senior Research Scholar and Lead of CaMRI Initiative at Columbia University in the City of New York.  

Together they discuss navigating the clean energy space in light of the world’s emergent top priority and how in the next several years, many countries will be challenged to have the capacity to stimulate their own economies. They underscore the importance of strong global leadership and where the role of CCS plays in the reliable energy supply chain. 

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  •  CO2CRC is Australia's leading carbon capture and storage (CCS) research organisation. They support industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through CCS research. Their work focuses on reducing emissions from high energy intensity industries, such as steel and cement manufacturing, gas processing and electricity generation. Learn more about CO2CRC
  •  The missions of Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy is to enable public and private sector leaders to make more informed choices about the world’s most pressing energy issues by providing an independent and interdisciplinary platform for insights and data-driven analysis, convening and information-sharing, education and training, and actionable recommendations on the current and future global energy system. Learn more about the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy.  

Lead. Care. Adapt.    Take 10 —   
Beth Hardy with Tim Dixon and
Claude Loréa

In the fourth video of the series, Beth Hardy, International CCS Knowledge Centre VP of Strategy & Stakeholder Relations is joined by Tim Dixon, General Manager, IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG), and Claude Loréa, Cement Director, Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA). 

Tim explains how COVID-19 will impact the need for CCS in continuing to meet climate change goals, and what sectors and regions in the world he would suggest targeting for CCS deployment right now given low interest rates and the optimum time to invest. Claude discusses the role the cement industry can play in stimulus packages, how CCS fits into the mix, and with net zero commitments beginning to become more prominent, Claude talks about the movement seen by the cement sector globally to invest in CCS.

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  • The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) is the trusted, authoritative platform and voice for the cement and concrete sector across the world. Our work will help ensure that the views of cement and concrete are holistic and based on robust evidence. Concrete is more than a building material. GCCA’s membership consists of cement producers from right across the globe. With new members joining all the time, we are quickly working towards our membership accounting for 50% of global cement production capacity. Learn more about GCCA

  • The IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG) was formed in 1991. Currently the Programme is supported by 15 member countries, the European Commission, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and 16 multi-national sponsors.  IEAGHG studies and evaluates technologies that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions derived from the use of fossil fuels. The Programme aims to provide its members with definitive information on the role that technology can take in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. IEAGHG takes pride in being an informed but unbiased source of technical information on greenhouse gas mitigation. Learn more about IEAGHG

Lead. Care. Adapt.    Take 10 —   
Beth Hardy with Dr. Niall Mac Dowell 
and Katie Sullivan

In the fifth video of the series, Beth Hardy, International CCS Knowledge Centre VP of Strategy & Stakeholder Relations is joined by Dr. Niall Mac Dowell, Reader in Energy Systems and Lead of the Clean Fossil & Bioenergy Research Group at Imperial College London, and Katie Sullivan, Managing Director of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA). With sensitivities to the current COVID-19 pandemic, our guests share their perspectives on climate ambitions and stimulating clean energy technology amidst our current global health crisis.  Also,  learn more about what 'net zero' means and how CCS fits into this context.

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  • The Clean Fossil and Bioenergy Research Group at Imperial College London is an interdisciplinary team of researchers studying how fossil fuels and bioenergy, in conjunction with CCS, will be key to enabling our stable, cost-effective, transition to a low-carbon energy system.  From engineering to economics, they are determined to make this adaptation as successful as possible.  Learn more about the Clean Fossil and Bioenergy Research Group at Imperial College London

  • The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) is a non-profit business organisation created in June 1999 to establish a functional international framework for trading in greenhouse gas emission reductions. Their membership includes leading international companies from across the carbon trading cycle. IETA members seek to develop an emissions trading regime that results in real and verifiable greenhouse gas emission reductions, while balancing economic efficiency with environmental integrity and social equity. Learn more about IETA