Salute for a Giant in Pioneering CCS for the World

as Mike Monea steps down as President & CEO 

After a decade of advancing carbon capture and storage (CCS) onto the world stage, Mike Monea has notified the International CCS Knowledge Centre (Knowledge Centre) of his plans to step down from his role as President & CEO as of November 1, 2019. “I salute Mike not only for his commitment to CCS technology; but for his vision – a vision for a world of communities and countries that achieve sustainability in a way that ensures environmental, economic, and energy security with CCS making a viable contribution,” said Graham Winkelman, Chair of Board of Directors for the International CCS Knowledge Centre, in an email to global stakeholders.  

A CCS Giant

It takes tenacity, focus and an entrepreneurial vision to lead an undertaking as large as pioneering a world’s first landmark project that not only achieves operational success but then translates into shared learnings for the world. These are characteristics of Mike Monea – the leader with the ingenuity and foresight to shepherd the building of SaskPower’s Boundary Dam 3 CCS Facility (BD3), the world’s first CCS facility on a coal-fired power plant, as well as to later, in conjunction with BHP and SaskPower, establish the non-profit organization, the International CCS Knowledge Centre. As President and CEO, Mike has built a team that he led in delivering on the mandate to accelerate the global development and deployment of CCS by sharing access to the data, information and lessons learned from BD3 as well as from the Knowledge Centre’s second-generation CCS report, the Shand CCS Feasibility Study. 
From its inception in 2016 and with numerous internationally based Memorandums of Understandings in countries such as China, Japan, Australia, and the UK, as well as established CCS initiatives in both industrial and energy sectors, Mike has positioned the Knowledge Centre and its team of brilliant minds, as the go-to source for CCS knowledge.
Throughout his career, Mike has valued the importance of collaboration – locally, nationally, and internationally. As a Professional Engineer and Geoscientist, he is sought-after for his insight, strategy and wisdom in the full chain of CCS – from capture technology through transport, usage in enhanced oil recovery and permanent storage. He is also in demand for his breadth of understanding what is needed to ensure a strong business case for CCS based on regional conditions and priorities. Mike has had appointments on advisory boards and universities, in China, Mexico, Norway, and Canada. 
With a drive to make a notable impact, Mike has been a tireless advocate for sustainability through innovation that is solution focused. He has supported CCS for countries that have varying degrees of readiness and thus may require transition to cleaner energy or seek CCS emission reduction in other industries.
The Board of Directors of the International CCS Knowledge Centre wish to thank Mike for his vision, leadership and passion.  The International CCS Knowledge Centre hopes it has the opportunity to draw on Mike’s expertise and vision for CCS around the world.
The International CCS Knowledge Centre remains committed to advancing the understanding and use of CCS as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  This work continues through guidance, sharing technical CCS know-how, specifically on how cost and risks are rapidly decreasing, as well as the need for policy incentives for broad deployment across various energy and industries.
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